March 13, 2012

Embrace winner & interview with Jessica Shirvington

Embrace (Embrace, #1) 
Embrace by Jessica Shirvington

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway. The winner of a copy of Embrace is....

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Below is an interview with Jessica Shirvington about Love:)

 Falling in Love at 17

I know that love is possible at any age. I met my husband at 17 as well. People are often shocked to hear that we’ve been together that long. We in our 14th year of marriage and though we’ve had challenges, I know we are just meant to be. I knew it then too.
Did you know when you met Matt that he was the “one”?

Yes. I can't explain it, but I knew. In fact, it kind of annoyed me (you might understand!). When you are 17 you don't expect to meet the one. I remember we used to stay up late talking at night about how it was a little frustrating that we had met so early. We almost wished we hadn't met for another couple of years because now that we had, we also knew we had to protect the relationship - and let's face it, it is hard not to stuff things up at that age. We got a lot of things wrong and all the while knew that we wanted forever together.

How did you meet? I met Kevin (my husband) at his “jam” hall. He was the rhythm guitar player in a band and took my heart right away... (can I include an early pic of you and Matt together?)

We were at a mutual friend's house party. It was a rare occurrence for both of us to be out - Matt was an up and coming athlete and trained long hours so didn't go out much and I was usually away in the country on weekends where I worked at an equestrian center. Anyway, I spotted him on his own and somehow dug up to confidence to go and say hi. From there we bumped into each other another couple of times and then ... we started orchestrating bump into one another occasions! 

What challenges have you faced and how did you get through them?

Early on, our big challenges came from our own sabotage attempts. We tested each other and pushed the limits. I think most people do. We were also quick to move in together and that probably put undue strain on the relationship. We actually broke up twice - the second time for 6 months. When we got back together after that, we knew we were never going to risk going through that again. 

What made you decide to write a book about Angels and Mythology?

Originally, it was more about writing a book about choice and consequence. I wanted to bring an element of otherworldliness into the story and I wanted my heroine to deal with big issues as well as her own. Angels really appealed to me and left me with a wide scope to work with. Once I started researching, I never looked back.

What’s your favourite genre to read? What about Matt’s?

Mine is YA, without a doubt.
Matt isn't a huge fiction reader. He probably prefers biographies and the newspaper.

Any advice you would give your readers who might be experiencing love for the first time?

Follow your heart - and your gut. Dream big but listen to the people around you, who you love and trust. It is easy to fall all-in and get carried away and it is just as easy to walk away from a really good thing. I know I will be forever indebted to my Mum who told me a few home truths one day when I most needed it!

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