January 26, 2013

What Makes Me Happy (2) Boy Crush

There are so many things in life that make me happy. Great books, music, movies, T.V., family, friends…the list could go on and on. I wanted to take a moment to pause and reflect on these things and figured the blog was a great place to share what brings me joy in hopes it might make you happy too!

Today (and everyday) I am thankful for:


     Every Thursday I am glued to the TV. I love Vampire Diaries yes… it’s totally my kind of show…but I also love to watch this guy…my ultimate boy crush. I'm actually ridiculous about it and my husband whom I adore won’t even sit on the same level of our house when Vampire Diaries is on because of my loud sighing, clapping , and overall smitten school girl behaviour.  Question is… it more Damon or Ian that I adore?  Not sure…. and it's not like I'll ever have the chance to find out, but seeing those eyes, eyebrows, his grin and ahem… everything else… makes me happy, and sometimes silly and I love him for it.

Who’s your crush?


  1. I'm actually really glad you got over my man Jy Heaton ;)