March 17, 2013

Things I Love about You

  The lovely woman above is my grandmother. She's 90, she has Alzheimers and today I was told she has cancer and won't be with us much longer. I know you might be thinking that she's 90! She's had a long life. She has, and its been a good life. But knowing that doesn't take the sting out of losing her.

I visit her when I can, it's hard because of the Alzheimers. She doesn't know me any longer; she hasn't for a long time. Sometimes I wonder if my visits are more upsetting for her than helpful. But I go because I need to see her. She wasn't just any Grandma. She was an amazing woman. Fearless, strong, independent and I am so proud of her. This post is dedicated to her-I'm going to share things about her because even though she may not remember-I do.

Dearest Grandma- These are a few of the things I love about you.

-Your laugh- people always said that it sounded like Beethoven's 5th and they were right
-You were not a Chef but I loved your spaghetti and meatballs and your mince and mash potatoes
-Your Scottish accent
-Your love of books, reading and the library which I believe helped to ignite my own passion for literature
-Your love of dancing
-You took up Tai Chi in your 70's and loved to demonstrate it.
-That you learned Portuguese and went to Portugal in your 70's
-Your dedication to long walks and long talks
-That you were a War Bride
-You played kick ball with me in the backyard
-When your great grandson was born you would sit with him on the floor to play
-Your love of the theatre
-The way you helped me with projects and essays in high school
-Your ability to paint
-Your financial smarts
-Your affinity for politics-and your willingness to to stand up and speak out
-That a couple of years before you were diagnosed with Alzheimers, you took the time to write the family history-something I will always have and always treasure
-That you thought you were a good driver  even though others did not agree
-Your love of board games- remember all those Boggle Matches
-Your unmatched skills in Jeopardy-you could have been a contestant
-Your support for family
-Your belief and faith in me
-Your unconditional love

How lucky I am to have had someone like you in my life. I wish I had listened more but I hope you never felt taken for granted or that I didn't appreciate you, because I did, and always will.


  1. Lovely :) I lost my grandma last month and I totally agree--even if you know it's coming and it's for the best, nothing can take the sting out of it. Hugs for you and your family <3

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  3. That's just beautiful - so lucky to have had a wonderful relationship with your grandmother. Sadly I ever knew any of my grandparents .