May 16, 2010

Anchor Text

I'm not sure where the term "anchor text" came from. I know that in computer terms it means optimizing your search engine rankings.

However, in terms of story time planning, it's become part of my daily vocabulary. An "anchor text" is the main book that you base your story time around. I've been trying to break away from the "theme" template. The idea that you pick a theme i.e. dogs and then find books/songs/activities that fit that theme. It has been and continues to be a challenge to abandon the comfort and ease of planning the traditional way with a template.

I have found that when I choose a book first, one that I love, that I feel the children will enjoy and then base the story time around it, the results are a program that is language/literacy rich, with wonderful complimentary activities that build on the ideas in the books. The added books and activities become an extension of the story instead of time fillers. Once my website it completed and up and running I hope to provide ideas on how to do this.

In the meantime the word/term of the day is "anchor text"

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