August 4, 2010

Blue Fire by Janice Hardy

Blue Fire by Janice Hardy.
Second book in the Healing Wars Series.
Release date: October 2010

"While trying to lead the Takers out of Geveg, fifteen-year-old Nya is captured by bounty-hunters and taken to Baseer. . . "

I was so thrilled to receive this title as I absolutely loved the first in the series "Shifter"

The book begins where we left off. Nya has been accused of murder and is in hiding along with the many Takers she rescued. She attempts to flee Geveg and is captured by bounty hunters in the process. Her beloved sister is taken, along with the others and they are seperated.

Nya has amazing fortitude. She fights for the safety and rights of others when no one else will. She's desperate to keep her family together even if that means risking her own life. Now. trapped in Baseer she must face her enemy, and her past as she struggles for everything that is important to her.

Blue Fire did not disappoint, I am still very taken by Nya's story and can't wait for more. This series is perfect for those who have enjoyed the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.
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  1. Ok, that cover is *pretty.* Between it and your review, I'm curious about the series, now. Thanks!

    (I'm here through the Hop, but got distracted by this post.)