July 4, 2011

Mondays Bite- Twilight re-Read Along Chapters 1-5

I am so excited about this re-read along, I loved Twilight and I read it every year!

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My  Discussion Answers for Ch. 1-5

Chapter 1: First Sight

Chapter 2: Open Book

Chapter 3: Phenomenon

Chapter 4: Invitations

Chapter 5: Blood Type

Q. Have you ever had to start over in a new place, like Bella did in Forks? This new place could be a school, job, or town... just something with a new setting. How easy or difficult was this for you?

 I think the biggest change I ever made echoes Bella's. I left my mom in Canada when I was 14 and went to live with my Dad (who I barely knew) in North Carolina. The transition was very challenging but I loved my high school. It was such a different learning and social experience than high school in Canada. I couldn't believe that on Friday nights everyone was at the school basketball games. I made some great friends, but alas there was no Edward to keep me there so I only stayed a year.

Q. Do you picture the actors from the movie as the characters in the book while you are reading?

NO. Not at all. I watch the movies, I like them because the essence of Meyer's story is there but I think with the exception of Jacob everyone has done a terrible job- I liked the first Victoria too. Robert Pattison is not my Edward, and though I like Kristen Stewart, she plays Bella in such a depressing way- not how I pictured her.

Q. What are your first thoughts on meeting Edward in Bella’s Biology class? At first he was annoyed by her presence, but then after a week away he returns & finds him self very interested in her. Do you think this helped or hindered the storyline?

It definitely made him hotter. :) What is it with guys who ignore us? It adds to the mood of the story and certainly made me read faster- I wanted to know why he was so "repulsed" by her.

Q. Out of the secondary characters Bella meets at school, who is your favorite and why? (I am referring to the humans, not the vampires in this question)

That's a hard answer as I don't pay as much attention to them as the vamps. But I'd have to say Mike. I love the fact that he's crazy for Bella and just can't have her.

Q. There is a lot of dialogue between Edward and Bella in these first few chapters that I feel played a major role in developing their relationship. What are some of your favorite quotes? or moments?

"I said it would be better if we weren’t friends, not that I didn’t want to be"

"I decided as long as I was going to hell, I might as well do it thoroughly"

"Don’t be offended, but you seem to be one of those people who just attract accidents like a magnet. So… try not to fall into the ocean or get run over or anything, all right?"

I'm having a hard time pacing myself through the book and not just plowing through like I usually do.....

You'd never know that I've read my copy like a million times as it's still in pristine condition-I'm crazy like that- how many of you have underlined or highlighted copies of twilight?


  1. Love the quotes. I meant to include those and guess forgot. I have never highlighted a fiction book. Now I do sticky note them to death now that I have a blog and need to refer for reviews etc BUT I try to remove them as quickly as possible. http://wp.me/p1h3Ps-jv

  2. I almost chose Edward's quote about hell too, so awesome! I'm having a hard time pacing myself too - I just want to read & read & read...

    P.S. in Texas every one is at the football games on Friday nights ;-)

  3. I always went to basketball games and other sporting events at school! :)

    I picture Jacob how he is as well in the movies, but not Bella & Edward. I listed every character and what I think, lol.

    I had a hard time stopping as well! :)

  4. I have def written in and highlighted mine. I want to later buy the col. edition if its still available and never read it. Or at least not to much to keep it nice. Twilight is my fave out of the whole series.
    Love your answers.
    I picked Mike too. Poor Mike. You think she would have interest in him if there were no supernatural creatures around. And like you its hard to pay attention to the humans with the vamps around. They out shine them literally....

  5. I don't think I could have said it better for question number 2, I can only enjoy the movies if I separate them from the book, I liked the first Victoria better and KStew is too depressed, I understand Bella is shy and sad in the beginning, but she is just too much!

    And I am having a super hard time not plowing through it either, and my copy is underlined in pencil and notes in the edges =)

  6. I agree with the Jacob and first Victoria thing...Totally.

    I actually JUST started highlighting my copy for the re-read. It's helping a lot!

  7. I'm with you on KStew. She's depressing and so full of angst.

    I like the last quote you picked :)

  8. I think I need to get passed this whole highlighting thing- or at least do sticky notes or something...

  9. "I said it would be better if we weren’t friends, not that I didn’t want to be." ---> I chose this as one of my quotes too. :)

    It honestly has never occurred to me to highlight in my books. I make notes on index cards or notebook paper and leave it in the book. I'm having a complete A-Ha moment here, like I should have thought of that before!

  10. Oh I so agree about Kristen Stewart, such a bad choice for Bella. Good actress just not a good Bella-actress!!