September 24, 2010

Friday Fun

It's my favourite time of the week in the blogging world-Blogger Hop & Friday Follow Time!
Jennifer at Crazy-For-Books is asking:
When you write reviews do you write them as your are reading or wait until you have finished the whole book?
I generally wait until I've finished the book in order to get the whole picture before I begin the review. I think I need to get better at taking notes as I read though, I always mean to go back to the words or passages that resonate with me, it be easier if I wrote them down as I read :)
Parajunkee's view is asking what my favourite book cover is.......this is going to take some more time to think about.......
I think I'll feature a few covers over the weekend -so check back.
Don't miss out on your chance to win a copy of Plain Kate by Erin Bow. Contest is only open to Canadians and closes on September 30th.
Thanks to everyone who stops by, make sure to leave a comment so I can check out your blog too!


  1. Happy Follow Friday! Stopping by and following your pretty blog. I'd appreciate it if you follow back!


  2. I'm your newest follower coming from Crazy-for-books blog hop! Love what I see so far... looking forward to more! Check out my brand new review blog and follow me back!
    Thanks! Pris

  3. Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm following back. :)

    I also take notes while reading, when I can't jot down notes I just use post-its to mark the pages so I can go back to it later as I write. :)

    Have a nice weekend,

    Musings of a Reader Happy

  4. I just stopped by to sign up for the follow me Friday on Parajunkee's view but it was closed. I'm jumping to a few, and I'm so happy I did.

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