September 19, 2010

Program season

It will soon be time for the fall sessions to start. Registration begins this week and though I'm always excited about doing programs for kids and & families, (babies up to 6 years) I'm almost always very nervous. And the thought of going back to 7 programs a week is a little exhausting. .

I'm trying a few new things this session. Aside from a few new songs I've learned and a few new books I'm looking forward to introducing, I'm going to use the same books for two programs in a row.

I read so much about the importance of repetition in programs, as a building block for literacy and language foundations and yet aside from my morning and closing routines I change everything every week.

This session will be an experiment. I hope it goes well. I'm looking forward to expanding on the stories read and including some dramatic aspects too. Fingers crossed.

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