October 8, 2010

Hopping Friday

It's Friday! (thank goodness) and it's time to Hop and Follow! Blogger Hop is hosted by Jennifer at Crazy For Books and Friday Follow is hosted by Parajunkee's View. Every Friday bloggers are invited to hop aboard and visit other new book blogs, and meet new bloggers.
This weeks questions:
What's your favourite beverage while blogging? It depends on the time of day. Morning is coffee, and lots of it- Usually Tim Hortons(I'm Canadian) If it's in the evening then it's usually peppermint tea.
How many reviews do you like to do a week? I'd like to do many more than I do, however full-time hours and family often prevent that. I usually do just one unless I'm participating in a challenge and have scheduled more time for it. Although I'm always reading.I continually hope to do more....
How about you? Do you find it hard to find time to blog? when do you make time? Do you blog in the evening/morning?
Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to visit again next Wednesday to check out Wednesdays Worthwhile Reads.


  1. Hi, I am here from the Hop! I blog or write my reviews whenever I can, usually in the mornings, but sometimes in the evenings. Have a terrific weekend. :)

  2. Hi, just hopping by....

    Have a nice weekend with lots of good reading!

  3. I enjoy a col;d Dr. Pepper or hot chocolate while reading or blogging!! I am a follower come check out my blog and follow me http://inthe-outhouse.blogspot.com/

  4. Hi, I found you through FF! I usually blog in the mornings and sometimes in the evening. It just depends when I get the time. I'm a new follower.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. I always hope I can do more reviews than just one or two -- For me it depends on how much reading I can do, which is usually not much! :/

    Came via the hop and following now!

  6. Thanks for hopping by! And mm, peppermint tea!

  7. Hi,
    Happy Friday! I'm doing the Blog Hop and Follow Friday. I usually drink iced tea while blogging and the occasional glass of wine. Have a magnificent weekend!


  8. Hey! Happy Follow Friday! Just got back from my signing in California and posted a fun picture of me with Becca Fitzpatrick and Heidi R Kling for my FMBBF/Blog Hop post. Stop by and check it out!
    Happy Follow Friday!!!
    Emma Michaels

  9. Happy HOP! I drink alot of water during the day and switch over to diet soda for that extra caffeiene at night. I work all day so with most of my blogging and reading done at night I need that extra kick. Hope you have a great weekend and I'm a new follower

    Hop on over and visit my blog :D

  10. Hi...coming for blogger hop anf FF....
    am a new follower..=)

    My latest review is on The Sirens of Baghdad.. a story about how war really affect people who directly involved in it.Feel free to head over my blog to read the review.


  11. Stopping by from the blog hop! I'm your newest follower. Have a great weekend! =D


  12. I'm taking the last couple moments of my weekend before sleep starts to blog hop a few more! So glad I found yours! I'm following now. Feel free to visit me when you get time.


  13. Haha I love it! "Coffee and lots of it" - that's my motto on life too =)

    I always wish I had more time to read a blog too, but darn real life gets in the way. Sigh. Where did summer go?

    Thank you so much for hopping by my site!

  14. Stopping by for the Hop! Hope you're having a great weekend :)

    Touch the Night