May 15, 2011

Did I Mention?

how unbelievably excited I am?

Want to know why???????

The authors of these two fantastic books (my favourite reads of the year) are doing a signing near me this week...


(Click here and here to see my reviews....)

I just hope I don't blubber like an idiot. I remember when I met Stephenie Meyer at a signing of Eclipse and I just stood there going on, and on and on like some lunatic. So....Lauren Oliver and Veronica Roth-
I apologize in advance -
I just get a bit awe-struck when I meet amazing people who have 
 huge amounts of talent. :)


  1. Lauren Oliver came to our school! I so love her! So did my kiddo! It was great! Even m 3 re grade daughter over Lauren when I took her to meet her that eveing at the public library!!! :)