May 18, 2011

Song Lyrics from the Workshop today!

I did my very first workshop today where I was able to speak to 30 other children's program type people and it was scary, exciting and sooooo much fun!
I said I would post song lyrics to the songs I sang today so I'm posting them here for now until I find a more permanent place on the site for them!

Hello Song

Hello, Hello, Hello and How are you?

I’m fine, I’m fine and I hope that you are to.

Now everybody clap your hands, clap your hands, clap your hands

Now everybody clap your hands, come on and clap with me.

-repeat using different actions i.e-stomp your feet, wave hello, tap your knees.

from the CD – Love my Baby –Created by The First Three Years Organization


Refrain: Mac-a-lena, mac-a-lena, Rubenstine Walk-a-dime

Hokey Pokey Loca was her name.

Tune: Short’n’ Bread


1. Draw a circle for her head. Only draw the body part that I have said. Who?

2. She had two hairs on her head. One was Curly and the other was dead. Who?

3. She had two eyes in her head. She goes both ways when she’s looking ahead. Who?

4. She had one ear on each side. One was narrow and the other was wide. Who?

5. She had a nose on her face. It wasn’t very pretty but it took a lot of space. Who?

6. She had two teeth in her mouth. One pointed north and the other pointed south. Who?

7. She had a neck like a ten foot pole. And right in the middle was a great big mole. Who?

8. She had two arms long as a door. And when she walked they touched the floor.

9. She had two hands with ten fingers. Those long skinny things were real humdingers. Who?

10. She had a tummy as round as a ball. She bounced right back when she took a fall. Who?

11. She had two legs shaped like and s. Oh my goodness, they were a mess. Who?

12. She had two feet as flat as a mat. Oh I wonder how they got like that. Who?

13. This is the story that has been told about mac-a-lena and her heart of gold.

Activity is from “If the Shoe Fits-Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom”

By Carol Chapman

Name Game Chant

Hickety-Pickety Bumble Bee
Will you play your name for me?
Car-ter (tap out syllables on the drum)

Walking Along Song – (source unknown)

Walking, I’m just walking along,
I’m just singing my walking song,
I’m just walking along....

Swaying, I’m just swaying along,
I’m just singing my swaying song,
I’m just swaying along.
(repeat using other actions)

Closing Chant

Hey, Hey, What do you say?
What did you like about story time today?

Looking forward to more workshops!

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  1. It was a GREAT workshop & thanks for the will help me to remember all the words to the wonderful resources you shared ;)