October 15, 2011

A bookshelf/office tour

Hey Guys,

I've been working on and talking about my new office for a while, and I finally did a video about how awesome I think it is....please visit and let me know what you think:)
(sorry for the jumpiness and sound....I will get the hang of filming at some point)


  1. I love your bookcases! They're so beautiful and full of books!

  2. I'm totally drooling over your bookshelves while I'm watching this! Just letting you know! ;)

  3. I love the book shelves and the free market things.

  4. What a great library!!! So very lucky!

  5. The shelves are awesome!!!

    Love the little accent :)

    My adult section isn't that big either, lol.

    I need a nice set of HP books...

    I haven't scrapbooked since my son was a baby... :(

  6. I love how said we were taking a new look at your *office*... just the way you whispered it was so fun and dramatic.

    Your bookshelves are AWESOME!! And oh my gosh!! You have a signed ARC of Twilight!! WOW. Seriously, don't ever lose that copy. :)

    Anyways, you *may* need to be wary. I have a feeling a book ninja will be heading your way, lol.

  7. 0o0o looks super awesome!

  8. Nice. I haven't even attempted to organize my shelves since I put them up. I may try in another week or so when I get some more time!

  9. So jealous!! I want my own personal library some day :-)

  10. A signed ARC of Twilight?? O_O Wow that must be rare. You've got a fabulous TBR shelf too...wish I had my hands on some of those!

    Looking forward to meeting you soon! :)