August 29, 2012

Bookish Confessions

I'm a little late to the Top Ten Tuesday party and couldn't post yesterday. 
I loved the topic so much though that I thought I'd just post today...

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by the fabulous The Broke and The Bookish.
This week's theme: 
Top Ten Bookish Confessions

My List:

  1. If I put a book down in the middle of reading..chances are unless I am LOVING it or I LOVE the author... I won't pick it back up again. 
  2. I organize my books  alphabetically by series... if they are stand alones, then I organize them by colour. I have two shelves reserved for my absolute favourite books...any guesses as to what's on those shelves?
  3. I face out books on my shelves too..I love covers.
  4. I re-read the Hunger Games, the first 3 books in the Twilight Saga, at least two from the Harry Potter Series, and Sense and Sensibility every year.
  5. I fix shelves, re-pyramid tables, and face out my favourite books when I visit Chapters.... every time I visit Chapters.
  6. I also help customers find books in the kids and teen sections in any book store..... can't help it
  7. I do not lend out my books unless you are a super close amazing friend...and I can trust the book will come back in perfect condition
  8. If I get an ARC of a book and I love it ...I still buy the hard cover when it comes out...and occasionally the paperback as well so that I can support the author.
  9. I do not read the back of books or the inside jacket copy until after I have read the book...sometimes they give too much away
  10. I do not write in my books, dog ear my book pages, or crack the spines. If it's a hard cover I take the dust jacket off before I read it.....
Do we have anything similar? When I look at the list it makes me feel a bit neurotic:)


  1. Oh man I am totally with you on the dog eared pages! I hate it! And I always thought I was weird because I take the dust jacket off my hardcovers! My mom calls it OCD! lol

    Here is my Top 10 Tuesday!--> Take Me Away...

  2. I do the same thing as #9... I like the book to be a surprise!

  3. #6 for me. I stand around tables and displays in my local bookstores waiting for someone to look confused or indecisive. If someone picks up a book that I love, I will gush about it and basically book bully them into buying it.

  4. I also refuse to dog ear, crack the spine, write or books, or anything in general that feels too much like "defacing" the book to me haha. And yes, no dust jackets ever remain on hardcovers currently being read. I think that everyone has their own peculiarities in terms of organizing books on bookshelves. Color coding standalones is an interesting approach. I just have a general sense of what I feel looks good together basically. I love reading all these lists of bookish habits! :)

  5. I'm the total opposite of you on #9 - I must read the book summary before I read a book - otherwise I feel lost.