June 29, 2011

Waiting to Read-Last Echo

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill at the Breaking the Spine. Each week we are invited to gush about a book that we are anxiously awaiting:

My pick this week:

The Last Echo

The Last Echo by Kimberly Derting
To be published April 17th (2012) - can not believe I have to wait this long....*sigh*

Violet kept her morbid ability to sense dead bodies a secret from everyone except her family and her childhood-best-friend-turned-boyfriend, Jay Heaton. That is until forensic psychologist Sara Priest discovered Violet’s talent and invited her to use her gift to track down murderers.
Now, as she works with an eclectic group of individuals—including mysterious and dangerously attractive Rafe—it’s Violet’s job to help those who have been murdered by bringing their killers to justice. When Violet discovers the body of a college girl killed by “the girlfriend collector” she is determined to solve the case. But now the serial killer is on the lookout for a
 new “relationship” and Violet may have caught his eye...

 Guys, I LOVED absolutely loved The Body Finder and Desires of the Dead. Violet is a wonderful MC and Jay is like the perfect book boyfriend. The wait til next April is going to feel like forever!
What are you waiting for?

Canada Blog Hop

July 1st is Canada Day!!
and to celebrate my Canadian self -I'm participating in a blog hop with other
 Canadian Bloggers who are each hosting a giveaway.

I thought since it is a Canadian Holiday that I would post a few of my favourite books by amazing Canadian authors:

                Plain Kate      Dear George Clooney: Please Marry My Mom     Hamish X And The Cheese Pirates     The Summoning (Darkest Powers, #1)         The Hunchback Assignments (The Hunchback Assignments, #1)    Smelly Socks

Have you read any of the titles above?

Note: I made a slight error in creating the form below- Out of Canada residents need to just answer the "one fact about Canada one time to earn an extra entry (not twice) :)


Be sure to check out the next blog on the hop:

In the Next Room

June 27, 2011

Candor by Pam Bachorz


Candor by Pam Bachorz
Hardcover, 256 pages
Published September 22nd 2009 by EgmontUSA
Reviewed from Library Copy

In the model community of Candor, Florida, every teen wants to be like Oscar Banks. The son of the town''s founder, Oscar earns straight As, is student-body president, and is in demand
for every club and cause.
But Oscar has a secret. He knows that parents bring their teens to Candor to make them respectful, compliant-perfect-through subliminal Messages that carefully correct and control their behavior. And Oscar'' s built a business sabotaging his father''s scheme with Messages of his own, getting his clients out before they''re turned. After all, who would ever suspect the perfect Oscar Banks?
Then he meets Nia, the girl he can''t stand to see changed. Saving Nia means losing her forever.  in Candor, Oscar risks exposure . . . and more

    This was an unnerving read. Think Stepford Wives but with teens. As much as perfection is a social standard that we are often pushed to strive for, this book depicts why forcing it, is not a good idea. I had trouble connecting with Oscar initially- I think because I often read books where the main characters are girls. The male voice was a bit more challenging to relate to. When Nia arrived in Candor and started seeing Oscar- that was when the story picked up for me.

   Oscar's father, was awful. I just hated him and I desperately wanted him to see the damage he was doing to those families and children around him. I was just as angry with his mom for abandoning him in such a place. I think that well developed characters have the power to evoke strong emotions in the reader and I would say I felt very strongly about nearly all the characters in this story.
  The book did drag a bit in parts for me, as I grew frustrated with the characters acceptance of the status-quo, but the ending was definitely creepy......
Worth Reading.

June 24, 2011

The Winner of the Ashes Ashes Giveaway

Happy Friday!
Thanks to everyone who stopped by to visit during the Ashes Ashes Blog Tour.

The winner of a copy of Ashes Ashes by Jo Treggiari is:

                                                           Ashley at The Book Labyrinth!
                                                               I've sent you an email:)

June 23, 2011

TGIF and Follow Friday

TGIF is hosted by the lovely GREADS. If you haven't checked out her blog- go now......you're missing out!
            Each Friday we can recap our blogs weekly posts and
Greads posts a book related question:

Summer Love: Where's your ideal place to take a summer vacation & get lost in a book?

How about here:


(my dream place Santorini)

Since neither will be happening, I settle for my back yard deck.....:)
So glad it's summer!

Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkees View!
This weeks question:
Q. In light of the Summer Solstice. Also known as Midsummer...let's talk about fairies. What is your favorite fairy tale or story that revolves around the fae?

I think my ultimate favourite fairy will forever be Tinkerbell.
I loved her in the stories of Peter Pan (clap your hands if you believe)....

As for YA Fae books I would say - Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr and
The Iron Fae Series by Julie Kagwa.

What about you?

Storytime with Shark in the Park

Shark in the Park!

Shark in the Park by Nick Sharratt
Published 2002

This is one of my most favourite read-alouds EVER. Rhyming, simple illustrations, actions and funny makes for an incredible combination. It's perfect for our Summer Reading Club theme this year- Make A Splash.
In the story Timothy looks through his brand new telescope in the park and mistakes different animals for a Shark. The children will love shouting "There's A Shark in the Park" with you. I've created a game to go along with this book. I used google images and found photos of different water animals. I printed two of each animal I found (10 in total). I cut a large circle out of each animal....in an abstract way...and had the children pretend they were looking through telescopes and guess what animal they were seeing...I then showed them the picture of the animal whole. They loved this game and its a great tie-in......

Have you used Shark in the Park in story time? What games & activities have you done along with it?

June 22, 2011

Waiting to Read- Faerie Ring

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine! We highlight the books we are anxiously anticipating!
My Pick this Week:

The Faerie Ring by Kiki Hamilton
Published September 27 2011 by Tor

Debut novelist Kiki Hamilton takes readers from the gritty slums and glittering ballrooms of Victorian London to the beguiling but menacing Otherworld of the Fey in this spellbinding tale of romance,
 suspense, and danger.
The year is 1871, and Tiki has been making a home for herself and her family of orphans in a deserted hideaway adjoining Charing Cross Station in central London. Their only means of survival is by picking pockets. One December night, Tiki steals a ring, and sets off a chain of events that could lead to all-out war with the Fey. For the ring belongs to Queen Victoria, and it binds the rulers of England and the realm of Faerie to peace. With the ring missing, a rebel group of faeries hopes to break the treaty with dark magic and blood—Tiki’s blood.
Unbeknownst to Tiki, she is being watched—and protected—by Rieker, a fellow thief who suspects she is involved in the disappearance of the ring. Rieker has secrets of his own, and Tiki is not all that she appears to be. Her very existence haunts Prince Leopold, the Queen’s son, who is driven to know more about the mysterious mark that encircles her wrist.
Prince, pauper, and thief—all must work together to secure the treaty…

Debut Author, early reviews have been fab and the summary sounds amazing! All reasons this book is high on my list!
What are you waiting for?

June 21, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday- Top Ten Reasons I Love Blogging

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the fabulous Broke and the Bookish
Happy Blogoversary The Broke and the Bookish!!!!!

Top Ten Reasons I Love Blogging

  1. Blogging has given me an outlet and place for sharing my love of books and reading. You would think that working in a library I would have that opportunity all the time and while it does happen, I needed more....:) 
  2. The community of bloggers. I think we have the best and most supportive online community. I have met and become friends with amazing people this past year.
  3. I love connecting with other book lovers, through discussion, memes, the hops, twitter!
  4. Connecting with the authors of the books I review and books that I have loved. I find this incredible- being able to share with an author-how I felt about their work, and how it impacted me. I treasure that opportunity.
  5. Seeing what's new, what's coming out and discovering books I hadn't heard about or maybe had been reluctant to pick up
  6. Reconnecting with the publishing community....I've missed them.
  7. Sharing ideas for story times and program ideas with library children's staff
  8. Blogging =Time for myself. I blog for me. I set aside the time for me.
I'm looking forward to reading everyon else's list!

June 20, 2011

The ASHES, ASHES Plague and Pestilence Blog Tour

I'm so excited to be a stop on The Plague and Pestilence Blog Tour!!

Ashes, Ashes
Ashes Ashes by Jo Treggiari
Published by Scholastic Canada June 1st 2011
A thrilling tale of adventure, romance, and one girl's unyielding courage through
the darkest of nightmares.
Epidemics, floods, droughts--for sixteen-year-old Lucy, the end of the world came and went, taking 99% of the population with it. As the weather continues to rage out of control, and Sweepers clean the streets of plague victims, Lucy survives alone in the wilds of Central Park. But when she's rescued from a pack of hunting dogs by a mysterious boy named Aidan, she reluctantly realizes she can't continue on her own. She joins his band of survivors, yet, a new danger awaits her: the Sweepers are looking for her. There's something special about Lucy, and they will stop at nothing to have her.

My Q & A with the wonderful Jo Treggiari
Huge thank you's to Scholastic for arranging the tour and to Jo for stopping by!
1. I found the beginning chapters with Lucy on her own very emotional, her desperation to survive and the memories of what was, made me want to weep for her. How did Lucy’s character, who she is, and her ideals come to you?

I got the idea for portraying a major city (in this case NYC) which had been ravaged by climactic change first. That happened very naturally. I lived there and it was interesting to replace all that concrete and steel with destruction, move the roads around, knock down buildings, and turn the Hudson River into a sea. Once I had that picture in my head, I saw a teen girl there. All alone, looking out at the water. I think all writers put themselves into their characters. Sometimes the best of themselves, sometimes the worst, or a mix of both. Lucy is not perfect (like me!) but she is strong within herself. She has a sense of what matters to her, and a streak of independence and stubbornness. Once I had her figured out, it was almost like she let me know how she felt about the situations I was putting her into. She felt real to me, and I had to stay true to her.

2. Some of society’s worst fears are realized in Ashes, Ashes. The fact that they are all plausible makes the story even scarier... out of the perils happening in Lucy’s world- which one would you/do you fear the most?

    The Sweepers and Dr. Lessing scare me the most. I don’t want to give anything anyway, but inflexibility, human obsession and a belief that might is right, can be terrifying things.
As far as the natural disasters go, the tsunami scares me the most. I almost lost a very dear friend in the Indian tsunami disaster in 2004. Just watching the news footage gave me nightmares.

3. Dystopian story lines are becoming more and more popular, what do you think draws readers to them?

    The human spirit is always at the heart of any dystopian and I think that is very attractive to us. Just that spark of rebellion or individuality in the midst of rigid social order or restriction. As far as post-apocalyptic fiction goes, I think survivors are always interesting. They have lived through something that is unimaginable.

4. Feeling the need to let all the trivial everyday stuff slide away is one of the many things I got from reading Ashes, Ashes. Did you intend that message when you were writing?

    Not really an intended message but I think that we do get wrapped up in trivial stuff sometimes (not that that is bad necessarily. I wouldn’t want life to be all serious. We must have chocolate and escapist movies!) and forget what is really important, which to me comes down to friends and family, and trying to be kind to each other. If you’re not sure where your next meal is coming from, you might not care so much about your manicure or the fact that some other girl is flirting with your crush.

5. If your shelter was about to be flooded and you could only grab three items what would they be and why?

    Matches, a sharp knife and a blanket. (This is assuming that I have neither children or dogs, right?!). The ability to make a fire is crucial; a knife can be used as a tool and also a weapon; and I could make the blanket into a tent or a sleeping roll or hang it as a screen or wear it as a poncho.

6. Anything else you’d like readers to know? Events or signings coming up?

   I’m not sure where your readers are located but if any are in Nova Scotia I’m doing signings and readings at Woozles and Chapters/Bayers Lake on June 18th as part of the Atlantic Author Day. Oh and later on in the summer, I’ll be at the Halifax Word on the Street literary festival. I’ll post all details of those and other events on my website: http://www.jotreggiari.com/

                        Check out the other stops for The ASHES, ASHES Plague and Pestilence Blog Tour

Give Away
I have 1 copy of Ashes Ashes for one lucky winner!
Canada only pls.
Leave an email address and a comment with your answer to the discussion question to enter!
Give away ends June 22/11


You have 5 minutes to leave your house and head for safety (your family is already safe) what do you take with you? You only have time to grab 4 items....

June 17, 2011

Follow Friday -favourite genre

Follow Me Friday is a weekly book-blogger meme hosted by Parajunkee over at Parajunkee's View. If you have a book blog, you can join in the fun too! This week’s Follow Friday question is:

GenreWars! What’s your favorite genre and which book in that genre made it your favorite?

A  great question! My favourite genre tends to change a bit, I love Paranormal (Twlight by Stephenie Meyer) but Dystopian tends to be my absolute favourite- I think it was Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins that made it my favourite- there is something about a character rising up over adversity and what seem like impossible obstacles that just speaks to me, maybe because I wish I could be more like them?
What about you? What's your favourite genre?


Yeah! It's Friday! TGIF is hosted by the fabulous Ginger at GREADS. Each week features a different book related question:
This weeks question:

And I Quote: What are some of your favorite book quotes?

The written word speaks to me in a way that nothing else can which is why I'm so in love with reading. I truly feel that books sometimes fall into my hands at the exact moment they need to because there is something I need  to see, envision or learn. Lauren Oliver's books are an example of this.....so many wonderful things inside the covers which is why I keep so many quotes from her books......

"I guess that's what saying good-bye is always like--like jumping off an edge. The worst part is making the choice to do it. Once you're in the air, there's nothing you can do but let go."

— Lauren Oliver (Before I Fall)

"Maybe you can afford to wait. Maybe for you there's a tomorrow. Maybe for you there's one thousand tomorrows, or three thousand, or ten, so much time you can bathe in it, roll around it, let it slide like coins through you fingers. So much time you can waste it. But for some of us there's only today. And the truth is, you never really know."
— Lauren Oliver (Before I Fall)

"One must always be careful of books," said Tessa, "and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us."
— Cassandra Clare (Clockwork Angel)

"And now I know why they invented words for love, why they had to: It's the only thing that can come close to describing what I feel in that moment, the baffling mixture of pain and pleasure and fear and joy, all running sharply through me at once."
— Lauren Oliver (Delirium)

"Sometimes the greatest gift you can give someone is to accept whatever it is they’ve got to offer you”
--Anna Humphrey (Rhymes with Cupid)

"Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you."
— Gayle Forman (If I Stay)

"It´s so strange how life works: You want something and you wait and wait and feel like it´s taking forever to come. Then it happens and it´s over and all you want to do is curl back up in that moment before things changed."
— Lauren Oliver (Delirium)

"The whole point of growing up is learning to stay on the laughing side."
— Lauren Oliver (Before I Fall)

I don't know if authors really fully know what an impact they have on our lives. Escapism yes, but they also have lead the way for many life changing moments just through their words. Lauren Oliver and Gayle Forman (and many others) have truly impacted mine and I'll be forever grateful.

June 14, 2011

Waiting to Read- Shatter Me

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly feature hosted by Breaking the Spine. Each week we feature a book that we're really excited about reading!

My pick this week:

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi
Published by Harper Teen November 2011
352 pages

Summary from Goodreads
Juliette hasn't touched anyone in exactly 264 days. The last time she did, it was an accident, but The Reestablishment locked her up for murder. No one knows why Juliette's touch is fatal. As long as she doesn't hurt anyone else, no one really cares. The world is too busy crumbling to pieces to pay attention to a 17-year-old-girl. Diseases are destroying the population, food is hard to find, birds don't fly anymore, and the clouds are the wrong color.

The Reestablishment said their way was the only way to fix things, so they threw Juliette in a cell. Now so many people are dead that the survivors are whispering war- and The Reestablishment has changed its mind. Maybe Juliette is more than a tortured soul stuffed into a poisonous body. Maybe she's exactly what they need right now.
Juliette has to make a choice: Be a weapon. Or be a warrior.
In this electrifying debut, Tahereh Mafi presents a world as riveting as The Hunger Games and a superhero story as thrilling as The X-Men. Full of pulse-pounding romance, intoxicating villainy, and high-stakes choices, Shatter Me is a fresh and original dystopian novel—with a paranormal twist—that will leave readers anxiously awaiting its sequel.

Early buzz for this one has been amazing and I just love the premise. I'm looking forward to seeing the cover when its released too!

What are you waiting for?

June 9, 2011

Follow Friday

Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee's View
It's been a while since I've participated in the follow but I loved this weeks question:

The magic book fairy pops out of your cereal box and says "you and your favorite character (from a book of course) can switch places!" Who are you going to switch with?

I think there are many that I would switch with but I'm going to go with the very first one that popped into my mind.
Violet from The Body Finder Series by Kimberly Derting
She has a unique gift, and although I'm not sure that I would like to discover deceased people and their murderers, my teenage self would very much like to date the love interest from this book- Jay. He's the perfect book boyfriend. Violet is also strong, independent, and has a wonderful family.
I love that she's willing and brave enough to help others even if it might put her at risk.

What character would you be?

YAY It's ME!!!

I'm featured on Greads today!!! The Blogger Behind the Book! I loved doing this feature! And Ginger totally Rocks!

Check it out! I'd love to hear your thoughts!!!!!

June 8, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday -All These Things I've Done

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine.
Each week we're invited to feature a book that we are excitedly waiting for:

My selection this week:

All These Things I've Done
by Gabrielle Zevin
To be published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux
September 27th 2011

Summary from Goodreads
In 2083, chocolate and coffee are illegal, paper is hard to find, water is carefully rationed, and New York City is rife with crime and poverty. And yet, for Anya Balanchine, the sixteen-year-old daughter of the city's most notorious (and dead) crime boss, life is fairly routine. It consists of going to school, taking care of her siblings and her dying grandmother, trying to avoid falling in love with the new assistant D.A.'s son, and avoiding her loser ex-boyfriend. That is until her ex is accidentally poisoned by the chocolate her family manufactures and the police think she's to blame. Suddenly, Anya finds herself thrust unwillingly into the spotlight—at school, in the news,
and most importantly, within her mafia family.

I loved Zevin's Elsewhere- and I am looking really forward to this-coffee and chocolate are illegal? I don't think I'd survive it:)

What are you waiting for?

June 6, 2011

Guest Post- Review of Dark Mirror

    Donna and I met when I worked at the library near the high school where she taught. She was kind enough to let me join the high school book club she began and we partnered running the meetings. I instantly felt a connection with her as she loves YA as much as I do and is such a wonderfully, kind and genuine person. She is also tons of fun to be with and we have the same sense of humour. I'm so happy that even though we no longer "work" together, she's become a very dear friend.

Her review of Dark Mirror by M.J Putney

 Dark Mirror (Dark Passage, #1)

Dark Mirror by M.J. Putney
Published by St. Martins Press
March 2011
Paperback 304 pages
Reviewed from ARC provided by publisher

Summary from Goodreads
Lady Victoria Mansfield, youngest daughter of the earl and countess of Fairmount, is destined for a charmed life. Soon she will be presented during the London season, where she can choose a mate worthy of her status.
Yet Tory has a shameful secret—a secret so powerful that, if exposed, it could strip her of her position and disgrace her family forever. Tory’s blood is tainted . . . by magic.
When a shocking accident forces Tory to demonstrate her despised skill, the secret she’s fought so hard to hide is revealed for all to see. She is immediately exiled to Lackland Abbey, a reform school for young men and women in her position. There she will learn to suppress her deplorable talents and maybe, if she’s one of the lucky ones, be able to return to society.
But Tory’s life is about to change forever. All that she’s ever known or considered important will be challenged. What lies ahead is only the beginning of a strange and wonderful journey into a world where destiny and magic come together, where true love and friendship find her, and where courage and strength of character are the only things that determine a young girl’s worth.

  This unique novel wasted no time in engaging this reader! Set at the turn of the nineteenth century, magic has been outlawed and forbidden among the upper class of British society. When young Victoria "Tory" Mansfield reveals her ability to fly when she saves her young nephew from certain death, society demands that she be sent to Lackland Abbey, a school that will rid her of her powers. Still new to her abilities, Tory is thrilled to learn that, despite the public's perception of the school, there is a small group of teachers and students who meet secretly to foster their magical talents.

Meanwhile, the parallel storyline of impending war between England and France (in the Napoleonic Wars) unfolds. As Lackland school is set along the British coast, an awareness of the military identity of the British Empire is obvious among the school community. When Tory falls through mirror in one of the secret tunnels under the cliffs of Dover, she finds herself in the time of April 1940, at the start of Nazi Germany's invasion of the coast of Dunkirk.
A history buff, particularly of the period of the Second World War, this book sets itself apart from other YA fiction I have read of late. Convinced that her club of "Irregulars" can help save British soldiers and seamen from their doom, Tory returns to her time in order to plead with her friends to travel through time with her. Together, they use their combined magical powers to help with the "Miracle at Dunkirk".
A really unique story, I can see how future novels could feature Tory and her friends emerging in different time periods to use their talents. Highly enjoyable!

June 5, 2011

48 HBC Finish Line 2011

This weekend went by so quickly and here is the finish line to the book challenge already. I didn't make my goal, I didn't think I would but I did read every moment I could.

The Books I Read:
Die for Me (Revenants, #1)Across the Universe (Across the Universe, #1)Sophie and the Shadow Woods (1) - The Goblin KingStarcrossed (Starcrossed, #1)

Notice that they have similar colors? That wasn't intended- I don't usually read by book cover color:)

Total number of pages 1390
Total hours reading 15.5
Blogging/Twitter/Review       3
Total- 18.5

All in all I'm happy with the results! A huge thank you to Mother Reader for hosting!

June 4, 2011

48 HBC cont'd

Book 2 complete 10 hrs reading, and 2 hours blogging/reviewing....... on to the next book....hmmmmmm what to read next.....

In My Mailbox (26)

In my Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren. Each week we share the books we've received whether we borrowed, bought or were given.

This week:
For Review:

Witchlanders The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer Fury (Fury, #1)
Witchlanders by Lena Coakley
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin
Fury by Elizabeth Miles ( I've already read it- it's fabulous-I'll post a review closer to release)

Thanks so much Simon & Schuster!!!

What was in your mailbox?

Die for Me by Amy Plum

So I'm a bit behind on the challenge- today was packed full of errands etc and it's now past 24 hours later and I only have finished 1 book- but I have to say it was a really good one! I'm hoping to make up some time tonight. I've read for 5 hours in total.....

Die for Me

Die for Me by Amy Plum
Published May 10 2011 by HarperTeen
352 Pages
Reviewed from Arc (but it's one I'll still buy for my shelves)

Summary from GoodReads
In the City of Lights, two star-crossed lovers battle a fate that is destined to tear them
 apart again and again for eternity.
When Kate Mercier's parents die in a tragic car accident, she leaves her life--and memories--behind to live with her grandparents in Paris. For Kate, the only way to survive her pain is escaping into the world of books and Parisian art. Until she meets Vincent.
Mysterious, charming, and devastatingly handsome, Vincent threatens to melt the ice around Kate's guarded heart with just his smile. But Vincent is full of secrets and Kate soon realizes that if she follows her heart, she may never be safe again.

Die for Me has had mixed reviews, but I have to say I loved this one. I loved the setting in Paris, I loved the writing style, I loved the main character Kate and I loved the love-interest Vincent-Boy did I love Vincent(swooning)
This book is escapism at it's best. I know that readers have said that it echoes many themes & elements from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight, and I saw the similarities in story line, and even character development but I'm totally ok with it. Twilight was a wonderful book to escape the world in and so is Die for Me.
It will be interesting to see where the author goes in the next book, but I for one can not wait!
Definitely recommended.
Next book- Across the Universe

June 3, 2011

Ready Set Read! 48 Hour Book Challenge

48 Hour Book Challenge is hosted by Motherreader. From tonight (Friday) at 5:30pm I'm going to read as much as I can by Sunday 5:30. Last year I read a total of 6 books in 23.5 hours. For every 5 hours of reading you can blog, social network and review.
My goal this weekend is to read/blog and review 25.5 hours  or more. Of course this weekend seems to be packed full of things to do so here's hoping I can reach my goal this year!

First book - Die for Me by Amy Plum
Die for Me

I'll be updating and reviewing through out the week-end!

June 1, 2011

Author Visit from Elana Johnson


Possession by Elana Johnson
Hardcover to be published June 7th 2011
416 Pages

Summary from Goodreads
Vi knows the Rule: Girls don't walk with boys, and they never even think about kissing them. But no one makes Vi want to break the Rules more than Zenn...and since the Thinkers have chosen him as Vi's future match, how much trouble can one kiss cause? The Thinkers may have brainwashed the rest of the population, but Vi is determined to think for herself.

But the Thinkers are unusually persuasive, and they're set on convincing Vi to become one of them...starting by brainwashing Zenn. Vi can't leave Zenn in the Thinkers' hands, but she's wary of joining the rebellion, especially since that means teaming up with Jag. Jag is egotistical, charismatic, and dangerous--everything Zenn's not. Vi can't quite trust Jag and can't quite resist him, but she also can't give up on Zenn.
This is a game of control or be controlled. And Vi has no choice but to play.
Have I mentioned what a fan of the Dystopian genre I am? I'm thrilled to be able to host this Author Visit from Elana Johnson!
1. While I was reading Possession one question kept replaying in my head – “Who are the bad guys?” I think this question is very relevant to many conflicts in the world today and how media and society play a role in shaping our perceptions. Was this a theme you intended for the book?

Yes, absolutely! We all have different versions of what is “bad” and what is “good.” It’s why there are different people telling us different things in politics, the media, etc. I think it’s important for people to be educated about what they’re being told, and that was definitely a theme in POSSESSION.

2. Favourite thing about Vi? Something you dislike about her?

I love that Vi is soft and strong at the same time. She says things she shouldn’t, but then feels bad about them, you know?
Something I really don’t like about her: She can’t make a decision. That indecisiveness isn’t really her fault, but it drives me nuts.

3. Vi rebels against the rules- what’s a rule you’ve broken?

oh, just every speed limit law from here to the Atlantic Ocean. I really, really like to drive fast.

4. What drew you to writing in the Dystopian Genre?

I like the open-endedness of dystopian. As an author, I can really go anywhere and do anything I want, as long as I build the society to make it so. That intrigues me, and I like imagining futuristic settings. So dystopia feels natural to me.

I also love reading dystoipan literature, and discovering what other people have imagined. Sometimes I wish I was them, but for the most party, I’m just glad the dystopian craze hit at the right time for me and my book.

5. Your favourite type of books to read?

I like books that are filled with emotion. It could come in a contemporary package, a science fiction novel, an urban fantasy, a dystopia. No matter what genre, I like to read about characters that feel things deeply.

6. Anything else you’d like readers to know? Upcoming events?

Oh, there’s probably something… How about that I intended POSSESSION to be exactly what it is. No sequel. No companion. So at the end of the book, after you read it, try to remember that. And maybe assign it a different label besides “cliffhanger.” Or just do whatever you want. Ha! *grins*

As for upcoming events, my virtual launch party for POSSESSION is on Thursday, June 16. It’s for everyone, worldwide, and there will be prize packages, a livestreaming session, giveaways on twitter and in the forum, and more! It’s going to be awesome. Anyone can participate here: www.insidetheresistance.com

I’m also going to be at ALA from June 25 – 28 in New Orleans. I have other local Utah author events and signings.
Elana Johnson

You can always see what I’m up to here: http://elanajohnson.blogspot.com/p/appearances.html

Thanks so much Elana!!!
Be sure to check out Possession June 7th!!