June 23, 2011

Storytime with Shark in the Park

Shark in the Park!

Shark in the Park by Nick Sharratt
Published 2002

This is one of my most favourite read-alouds EVER. Rhyming, simple illustrations, actions and funny makes for an incredible combination. It's perfect for our Summer Reading Club theme this year- Make A Splash.
In the story Timothy looks through his brand new telescope in the park and mistakes different animals for a Shark. The children will love shouting "There's A Shark in the Park" with you. I've created a game to go along with this book. I used google images and found photos of different water animals. I printed two of each animal I found (10 in total). I cut a large circle out of each animal....in an abstract way...and had the children pretend they were looking through telescopes and guess what animal they were seeing...I then showed them the picture of the animal whole. They loved this game and its a great tie-in......

Have you used Shark in the Park in story time? What games & activities have you done along with it?


  1. I have this book for my little girl. We actually got it from Bookstart in a pack of books for deaf children, so it came with a card of British Sign Language signs for key words in the book. She loves my exaggerated signing along.

  2. wow, I'd love to learn the signs for it.....