April 9, 2013

My Very Un-Fairy Take Life/ My Epic Fairy Tale Fail by Anna Staniszewski–Blog Tour

my epic fairytale fail

My Very Un-Fairy Tale Life by Anna Stanizaewski
Published by Source Books/ Jabberwocky November 2011
Source: Provided by Publisher


You know all those stories that claim fairies cry sparkle tears and elves travel by rainbow? They're lies. All lies.
I've spent my life as an official adventurer. I travel across enchanted kingdoms saving magical creatures and fighting horrible beasts that most of you think are only myths and legends. I've never had a social life. My friends have all forgotten me. And let's not even talk about trying to do my homework. So -- I'm done!! I'm tired and I want to go back to being a normal girl. But then along comes "Prince Charming" asking for help, and, well, what's a tired girl like me supposed to do?

My Thoughts:
 I was hooked in the first few pages. The main character is Jenny, a believable 12 yea r old who possesses this fantastic, quirky, sarcastic voice. I was immediately reminded of the character of Evie from Kiersten White’s Paranormalcy, only a younger version for a younger audience (minus the Pink Taser, although Jenny did have a pink golf ball).   I loved the twist that fairy tale creatures are not as lovely as they seem, who’d have guessed that Unicorns were so ill-tempered . Dealing with family, school and friend issues would be enough for anyone, but Jenny is also an Adventurer, hired by the mysterious “Committee”  who must rescue Kingdoms and defeat evil.   The story was well-paced and had enough action to occupy even the most restless reader. Great middle grade read for kids who have enjoyed books like Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine and How to Ditch Your Fairy by Justine Larbalestier.

 The publisher Sourcebooks is providing one copy for a lucky resident of the United States or Canada.
Please leave a comment on this post to enter.
Winner will be chosen at random on Monday April 15th and will have 48 hours to reply once notified.


  1. Love your Blog :) I usually do not read a book unless it is highly recommended by you... i trust your literary tastes completely and you have never led me astray! Rather, I find myself forwarding your recommendations time and time again.

    I will certainly read these books based on what you wrote - I highly enjoyed the wonderfully sarcastic voice in "Paranormalcy" (again, I book I read because of your review)so if it is similar to that I look forward to some laugh-out loud moments.

    And I can believe unicorns are ill-tempered.... who wouldn't be with a horn growing right out of one's forehead?

  2. I love MG fiction, and I'm always looking for the next book to add to my classroom library! Staniszewski looks like a great author to use to teach my students about voice, tone, and character. Thanks for the giveaway!

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