August 20, 2012

Grim by Anna Waggener -Book Review

Today I’m thrilled to welcome a new guest poster on my blog. 
Daphne is 15, an avid reader and one of my favourite teens ever.
She has great taste in books!! Welcome Daphne!!!

Grim by Anna Waggener
Published June 2012
Source: Finished copy provided by the publisher

   When Erika wakes up after a horrific car crash, she finds herself somewhere between earth and heaven, between life and death. She doesn't want to accept help from Jeremiah, who she's not sure she can trust, even as she finds herself drawn to him, following him into a grim city of souls. She's not sure who wants to help her and who wants to hurt her. And she's desperate to get back to her children. 
Shawn's never thought about having to shoulder the responsibility of caring for his young sister Megan and his reckless older sister. And he never imagined that the three of them would find themselves in a haunted wood, sometimes chased, sometimes assisted, never sure where they're headed.

Daphne’s Thoughts:

   GRIM by Anna Waggener, is an incredible book combining myths and legends to produce a truly vicious world where the dead live. Pulled in by its twists, turns, and unsaid truths, the reader will be driven to finish this book with bated breath. Waggener creates a vivid scenario with a cast of authentic characters, bewitching and readily identifiable. The novel weaves a haunting tale by interspersing intriguing nuggets of the past within an unfolding storyline. GRIM is both enchanting and horrifying in turns. The reader will be forced to contemplate the events within its pages long after the last page is turned, eagerly anticipating her next novel.

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  1. Great review Daphne!
    I have a copy of Grim sitting on my shelf and I've been wanting to get to it soon. Thanks for giving me a reason to bump it up in the pile!

  2. I'm not sure what to think about the cover, but I like the blurb :) Myths and legends, I like it. Thanks for sharing!