September 10, 2012

BBAW 2012 -Day 1 Appreciate!

This is my first year participating in Book Blogger Appreciation Week! 

Today is all about sharing the love! Here are a few of the blogs I would be lost without!

I love Midnight Bloom Reads -fabulous reviews
Love the Sash & Em Combo:)
So much to love about G's blog. Especially her Tune In Tuesdays...I never miss them. 
She's also the reason I have Safety Suit on my Ipod.
Lost At Midnight Reviews
A new blogger but a fabulous one...I always look forward to reading her posts.
Anna Reads 
 Anna cracks me up. She is so creative!

Love this girl and her blog!


  1. I like Greads and Sash and EM too!! We must have the same tastes!!!


  2. Aww, Jen! Thank you so much :D You've been one of the most supportive people for me and I really appreciate it! Can't wait to meet in November!


  3. Great suggestions! I have heard some of these blogs too so they must be great! This is my first time participating in the BBAW and I'm really glad that I am, because I have found so many great blogs to follow. I write a children's book blog. It's: Feel free to check it out if you'd like. I'll be back to visit your blog soon!

  4. Thanks so much! I'm honored to make the list! Your blog is a favorite of mine and I hope we one day meet! Hugs!!!