September 3, 2012

Review: Envy by Elizabeth Miles

Elizabeth Miles
Envy by Elizabeth Miles
Published by Simon Pulse –September 4th 2012
Pages: 320
Source: ARC provided by the publisher

The Furies are back in the second book of a chilling paranormal trilogy where revenge rules the day—and “sorry” isn’t going to cut it.
Spring is coming, and the ice is slowly melting in Ascension…revealing the secrets buried beneath.

     Emily Winters knows the Furies have roots in Ascension, Maine—but she’s about to discover that they’re deeper than she ever imagined. With the help of her new friend Drea, she vows to dig them out. But it’s hard to focus when she’s desperate to make up with JD, and to figure out why Crow, a mysterious Ascension High dropout, seems to be shadowing her.
     Meanwhile, new girl Skylar McVoy is determined to leave her own dark past behind. So she’s thrilled when popular Gabby takes her under her wing, and the stunning and sophisticated Meg offers to give her a major makeover. But everyone knows what happens to the vainest girl of all…
     It’s tempting to be naughty. But beware: the Furies are always watching, and their power grows stronger by the day.

My Thoughts:

  I was thrilled to receive Envy in my mailbox. I enjoyed Fury so much that I have been anticipating the release of Envy for some time.  It did not disappoint. Emily, Drea, Gabby and JD are back and we are also introduced to Skylar and Crowe. The story begins almost where Fury left off and unlike some “second” books, the transition is seamless.  The Furies are back as well and are more evil than ever (is that even possible?). There is something so sinister about how they are described. Breathtakingly beautiful but absolutely ruthless. I had this creepy feeling wash over me more than once while reading.

    Skylar is a fascinating character. New to Ascension she believes she now has “a chance to build a new life, to build a life”. We’re not told what has happened in the past to Skylar –just given glimpses-but we certainly get the sense it was anything but good. Skylar  becomes obsessed with Gabby and being popular, which leads her to making terrible choices. Though I didn’t agree with how she acted, I could totally relate to that feeling of wanting to be someone. To be important. I think many will relate to that feeling.
Envy was well paced and gripping. I couldn’t stop reading until it was finished and  I can not wait to revisit Ascension again in the 3rd and final novel even though the Furies scare the heck out of me.
Definitely Recommended!

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I’m thrilled to welcome Elizabeth Miles back to the blog for a Q&A about Envy:

1. I know the series is a planned trilogy- but is there a possibility that you might continue and write more in the series?
 I'm glad you want more! However, I don't think it's gonna happen, at least not right now. I've got a few other projects simmering on the back burner of my mind, and while it'll be bittersweet to bid farewell to the Furies (and more importantly, to Em, JD, Gabby, and the rest of the bunch), I'm excited for a new adventure.
2. Is the character of JD based on anyone you know? What about the character of Crow (my new fav)?
        Like I say in the acknowledgements of ENVY, I used to think a guy like JD was too good to be true -- and then I met my *fiancee* (!?!). JD isn't based on him, per se, but I can't help but think that a lot of the love and warmth that surrounds JD's character is influenced by the love and warmth I feel about my man, who happens to also be a) a little kooky, b) sometimes self-righteous, and c) cool with being a sensitive dude (three characteristics I'd definitely peg to JD).
As for Crow...He's an amalgamation of lots of bad boys I've known over the years (or wished I knew!), plus some classic TV guys like Sawyer from Lost, Dylan McKay from 90210, and Caleb from Pretty Little Liars. Now that I think about it, Crow also reminds me a little of an ex-boyfriend of mine, one who was a little angry at the world and took it out on himself.
3. I had a couple of revelations while reading, and I was taken by surprise by how much I related to the character of Skylar.I think many teens will understand where Skylar is coming from. Do you have any advice for teens on how to build confidence?
That's great to hear! Skylar is obviously very troubled, but I'm happy that her story resonated with you. Honestly, there were times during high school when I felt a lot like Skylar (though I obviously never took that angst to such an extreme). I think there are lots of young women who feel like the odds are stacked against them or that the social hierarchy is both arbitrary and unfair -- because it usually is! 
Lauren (Oliver, one of my closest and oldest friends) and I wrote letters to each other in the upcoming Dear Teen Me anthology (Zest Books, October); in part, they address the issue of building confidence and trusting oneself. I think it's important to remember that what happens in high school doesn't necessarily set the stage for the rest of your adult life. It's a time to try things out, discover what matters to you, make mistakes, and learn from them. It's hard to remember in the moment, but it's true: This too shall pass. The only way to lose your insecurities and gain confidence is to look inside yourself and find stuff you like. Affirmation sought from outsiders will dissipate; self-love stays the course.
4. I really felt the Furies "evil" intensify in this book, they were seriously creepy...anyway you can give us a sneak peak into what might happen next?
They really are so freaking scary sometimes, aren't they? The thing about the Furies is that they are totally ruthless. Once their evil is unleashed, they'll do anything to see it spread further. The battle reaches its final showdown in Book Three (ETERNITY, which I am currently finishing up)...Will Em lose the life she knows now? Can she fight the Furies on her own? Will she and JD finally make it? Are the Furies in Ascension for good?
5. I've become obsessed with author’s playlists for books recently- was there a song or (songs) that helped you while you wrote Envy?
The funny thing is, I cannot listen to music when I write -- I find it very distracting. However, as you know, I still like to create playlists for my books. Here's the one for Fury, and here are a few of the songs you'll find on my Envy playlist:
-- Blue Orchid by the White Stripes (Frantic energy and an orchid mention - it just clicks.)
-- Living Room by Tegan and Sara (First of all, I just love this song and Tegan and Sara in general. Also, there is something just a little creepy about this song...It's very intense.)
-- Myth by Beach House (I picture this being a song Em and Drea would listen to in the car.)
-- You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift (Obviously, this is like Skylar's theme song.)

Look for the full Envy playlist at (where you can also find the dreamy story of my recent engagement!).

Thanks so much Elizabeth!!


  1. Thanks for your review! I was pretty much in "no man's land" with my review for Fury so I'm happy to hear how much you enjoyed this one! :)

  2. I really enjoyed this one too! However I totally was not into Crow! lol. But I agree...Skylar is SUCH a great and compelling character. I hated her at so many points but she was sooo intriguing!