October 23, 2012

Dear Teen Me–Feature 11

About this Feature:
Dear Teen Me (Edited by E. Kristen Anderson & Miranda Kenneally) includes advice from over 70 authors and I’m thrilled to be part of the blog tour. My tour stop date is Tuesday October 30th, and on that date I’ll be posting a review, hosting a giveaway and sharing my own Dear Teen Me letter. In the meantime, I was inspired by the book and decided to invite friends, fellow bloggers, and authors to write their own letter. Through out the month of October I’ll be  posting them here.


When is comes to friends this gal is one of my “Sunday Best”. We talk daily and I’m so very lucky to have her & her beautiful family in my life. Love her so so much.

Dear Teen Me,

You’re 12 and I’m 32, but I’m you. I swear. Don’t believe me? You have a piece of glass hidden in the pocket of your jean jacket. When you can’t get the voices of those bullies out of your head, you scratch away bits of your hands until you feel like you’ve punished yourself enough.

I can still hear echoes of their words all these years later, so I won’t simply tell you not to listen. I know it’s impossible not to listen and hard not to believe what they say. But don’t. I see those people sometimes and the regret is clear in their eyes. They are ashamed of themselves now. I ignore their friend requests on Facebook (Facebook is this really cool thing, if only you had it now!), because now I get to choose the influences in my life. I don’t need to be around people who set out to hurt me.

For now let me tell you that you are beautiful. You are the skinniest you’ll ever be. Your hair is unique and so gorgeous and you will learn to control it (stop brushing it and get some gel, trust me!). You don’t have acne forever.

Trust your choices, you are making good ones that are leading you down the right path. Celebrate your brain because it will take you places. Being the teacher’s favourite just means that an adult can see that you are a truly special person and all the others are just bullies heading nowhere.

Don’t be afraid of high school. They were some of the best years of my life and you’ll make great friends that last a lifetime. Our kids are playing together now. And the best part? When you meet this boy with big ears and a Soundgarden t-shirt, smile, stand tall and flick that curly hair of yours. It’s okay to love him that much. He’s a keeper and he wants no one but you. Forever.

So don’t give up. Go look at your sleeping baby brother. He needs you to stick around. Stick around for your two beautiful daughters. The experiences you are having now will teach you so much about how people should be treated and the words young girls need to hear from their mommy.

Trust me. Go buy some hair gel. Believe in yourself. Little boobs are spectacular too.
Take a deep breath, throw out that piece of glass and be yourself!
Love, you

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