October 12, 2012

Dear Teen Me-Feature 7


About this Feature:

Dear Teen Me (Edited by E. Kristen Anderson & Miranda Kenneally) includes advice from over 70 authors and I’m thrilled to be part of the blog tour. My tour stop date is Tuesday October 30th, and on that date I’ll be posting a review, hosting a giveaway and sharing my own Dear Teen Me letter. In the meantime, I was inspired by the book and decided to invite friends, fellow bloggers, and authors to write their own letter. Through out the month of October I’ll be be posting them here. 

Today I welcome Sheena. Sheena and I met through a Women's Networking Group and I'm so glad we did.  I love her enthusiasm and passion for helping others.

Dear Teen Me,

First things first, dump the boyfriend.  No, seriously, DUMP HIM.  He’s a loser and he will never see you for what you are really truly worth.  I know you think you love him, heck, I know you think you’re in love with him, but you’re not.  That’s not love, in fact, it’s quite the opposite.  No one has the right to put their hands on you… EVER.  And it doesn’t matter if he begs for forgiveness afterwards, and says he’ll never do it again, he’s lying, and he will continue, over and over again.  Don’t believe the things he spews at you, not for even one second.  Standing up for yourself and raising your voice does not make you a b!tch, it makes you strong, and he’s threatened by that.  He may be physically bigger than you, but he is a weak, weak person.  Know that and walk away with your head held high.  I promise there is an incredibly gentle, kind and loving man waiting for you just around the corner, he’ll treat you like a princess and love you beyond words.  He’s amazing and you deserve it.

Be nicer to your little brother.  He’s going through a rough patch and he needs you far more than you realize; far more than he admits.  He’s a good kid, and he looks up to you for direction.  Stop treating him like he’s worthless; he’s starting to believe you.  You love him dearly and you need to tell him more often… his life depends on it.  Despite what your relationship is like right now, he will grow to become one of your very best friends, an amazingly strong man who loves his family like no other.  He is a good man.

Your true friends aren’t in high school, in fact, they’re barely in university and college, so you can stop trying to impress those people, they leave you high and dry once they find out you’re pregnant.  Forget them.  You will walk away from university with two amazing women to call your friends, and although you don’t talk nearly enough, when you do it’s as though no time has passed.  Cherish them, they love you unconditionally.

Follow your heart, it will never steer you wrong.  Life is good.  Our home is cozy and full of love, our children are happy and full of joy, and our husband is phenomenal and super hot.  We’ve made the conscious choice to live minimally and within our means, this is a value that is important to us.  We carry low to no debt and we are essentially stress-free (boring, I know).  Forget the Joneses, we’re making our own path.  This type of financial freedom allows you to always follow your dreams.  You are an entrepreneur.  You have followed your passion and it has led you here.  And *here* is amazing.

Don’t over complicate things.  Life really is quite simple; know your worth, be nice to people, follow your heart and live within your means.  Enjoy it.

Love Always,
33 year old you

Sheena is the Owner of Blue Bamboo Holistics. In addition to Reiki and Reflexology she also offers "Mindful Kids" Classes for children and their families to quiet their minds, bodies and embrace their inner power. 

Be sure to check out her website. http://www.blue-bamboo.ca/

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