December 7, 2010

Favourite Places to Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by the fab Broke and The Bookish

This weeks list highlights our top ten favourite places to read.

I found this one to be a bit of a challenge as there are only a couple of places I read on a regular basis, but I did find a few pictures of spots where I'd love to read...

The places where I generally read aren't nearly as glamorous :

  1. A chair I have in front of our fireplace
  2. The couch
  3. Bed, though I don't often read there as I tend to fall asleep
  4. In the staff room on my break/dinner
My favourite place to read is in the Library, when I'm reading stories to the children and the families that attend. There is nothing like sharing a book with all of them.

One more (dreamy)place where I'd like to read:

Anywhere he is...don't know if you can see me but I'm just behind Damon reading in the
library over his left shoulder. :)


  1. HAHA! Damon! Love it :-)
    and the last pic with the comfy couch & tons of books looks awesome! I'd like to read there too.

  2. Great places. They look so comfy :)

  3. Oh yes! Wouldn't that be absolutely lovely. I could even imagine him reading to you. hehe.

    Love the picture under the tent, it reminds me of my kids. They love to make tents and bring books in to read the afternoon away. So fun!

  4. I clearly need to watch Vampire Diaries! Everyone is obsessed with Damon! Looking at him..I'd agree...I'd read anywhere he is. Although, I'm not sure how much reading I'd get done around him! :P

  5. That last picture with the massive white couch is fantastic, just take a look at that ceiling! My ideal reading room!