December 1, 2010

Wednesdays Worthwhile Reads- Gift Edition

Wednesday's Worthwhile Reads is a weekly feature here where I spotlight books that have been old favourites. For the next few weeks leading up to Christmas I thought it would be a great idea to list a couple of older titles each week that would make great gifts!

Rules for participation are simple. Books must have a publishing date before 2009, include a cover image with your recommendation, a summary and your thoughts on the book and link below.


Santa Duck by David Milgram
Published by Putnam in 2008
32 pages.
Summary from Goodreads
Nicholas Duck loves Christmas as much as the next animal, and he is happy to try on the new Santa hat that's mysteriously delivered to his house. But when his friends see him and immediately launch into their Christmas lists, he doesn't know what to do . . . until he runs into Santa himself.

This one is a must read at my holiday story times. The children and their parents laugh as the Nicholas Duck's friends give him their outrageous Christmas lists. I never get tired of reading it out loud.
For ages 9-12
The Dark Is Rising by Susan Cooper
Published by Simon Pulse in 1973
272 pages

Summary from GoodReads
On his 11th birthday, Will Stanton learns that he is the last born of the Old Ones. At once, he is plunged into a quest for the six magical Signs that will one day aid in the final battle between the Dark and Light.

The story has something for everyone, and although its "magic" based it has an old magic feel to it. I actually didn't read it until my child lit class in University and we delved a lot deeper into it than a 9 year old would, but I loved it. Will is an endearing character and of course like many heroes discovers that he is the key to saving the world. I also liked that the book took place around Christmas and that the snow held special powers.

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  1. I can't believe I forgot about the Dark is Rising. I read it back in Jr High and I loved it. I'm going to have to go back and read it.