March 11, 2011


A weekly feature created by the fabulous GReads to recap the posts from the week
and discuss all things bookish.

This week's question:

Book Mourning: does this happen to you? When you finish an amazing book, do you find yourself at a loss to pick up another one?

It absolutely happens to me! I floundered for days after reading Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I could not stop thinking about it, and every book I picked up after  just paled by comparison. Clarity by Kim Harrington was the book that snapped me out of it and got me back on track to the land of reading again.-thank goodness.


  1. Oh man, Delirium did the same thing for me! I want to read Clarity - maybe it will help get me over this mourning that I am currently in? ha!

  2. That totally happens to me too... I recently read all the Vampire Academy books, and nothing since has quite compared.