March 24, 2011

Story Time with the Hungry Hen

The Spring session at my branch starts next Monday and registration for programs has been crazy (which is awesome)
The first program of the session is inspired by this book:

Hungry Hen
Hungry Hen by Richard Waring
Published by HarperCollins
December 2001

The story follows a "hungry" hen who eats, and eats and the more she eats the bigger she gets. There's a fox in the story who is eagerly watching and waiting for the hen to get bigger and bigger, thinking that the bigger she is the tastier she'll be. I love this story. It's simple with very short text and a hilarious surprise ending which always gets laughter from the children and their parents.
It also allows for a lot of flexibility in finding companion books to tie in : Food animals eat, size, chickens, farm. . .
One of the activities we're doing is The Chicken Dance which is inspired by Oktoberfest-(a big event in my city)

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