March 29, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday- Authors that Derserve More Recognition

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted each week by the fab Broke and the Bookish. Each week a new top ten list is featured. I always love participating as I'm a list maker, and I love seeing everyones lists as well.

This week's Top Ten:

Top Ten Authors that Deserve More Recognition

Janice Hardy- Author of the Healing Wars series. Books 1 & 2 are out and I'm anxiously awaiting the 3rd. Fabulous reads-if you haven't read Shifter or Blue Fire I highly recommend them. Reviews are here .

Cinda Willems Chima-Author of the Warrior Heir series and the Demons Realm. Fantastic fantasy books and The Warrior Heir is always my go-to recommendation for reluctant teen readers.

Teresa Toten- Canadian author of mostly comtemp fiction. Her "Me & the Blondes" series is hilarious and really well written.

Neal Shusterman. Author of the Skinjacker series and many others and is such a fantastic writer, I don't see reviews of his books posted too often but he is definitely worth reading. Everlost review.

Jacyln Moriarty- She's written Feeling Sorry for Celia, The Spell Book of Listen Taylor, The Year of Secret Assignments and my fav -The Murder of Bindy Mackenzie. Her characters are quirky, endearing and I always find myself laughing out loud when I read them.

Five- That's all I could come up with.....Have you read anything by the authors I listed?


  1. Seems lots of us can't come up with 10...I kept crossing authors off for being too well know and gave up!

  2. Jaclyn Moriarty made my list as well! Can't wait for her next YA book :)

  3. Oh I love Jaclyn Moriarty, and I've just bought the three heir books.

  4. I honestly considered putting Neal Schusterman on my list, too, since I am such a big fan of Unwind...then I relaized I haven't read his skinjacker books so I didn't add hi, Glad you did, though.

  5. Yeah, I could only come up with 5 too. :-)