February 6, 2011

In My Mailbox -Library Conference Edition

  I had fully intended to do a vlog this week. In fact, I spent the majority of today working on it. However, my webcam is out of the dark ages and the finished product looked a bit like a independent horror film, that and somehow my voice would not catch up to what my lips and face were doing. So until I get something a little more co-operative, I'll be "in my mailboxing" the old fashioned way. (for those of you that make vlogs-what do you use?)
 I was fortunate to attend a day at the Ontario Library Association Conference this year and I had a good time. I was able to connect with some people I hadn't seen in a while and also made time to visit the expo, where I picked up a few gems.

The Trouble With Dilly by Rachna Gilmore
Middle Grade Fiction

by Tish Cohen
Middle Grade Fiction

by Brandon Mull
Middle Grade Fiction
Brandon Mull is the author of The Fablehaven Series-
I enjoyed Fablehaven and I'm looking forward to reading this one.

Dept. 19 by Will Hill
Young Adult/ Debut Author -sounds amazing!!!

I am so very excited about Divergent. It comes out in May so I must
convince myself to read a few that come out before it first.....
Young Adult/Debut Author/ Dystopic

Tomorrow on the blog: I'll be reviewing a wonderful picture book I discovered at OLA,
and I'll be announcing a giveaway!!


  1. Are these books free when you go to the conferences or do you pay for them? I've seen some blogs where people go to conferences and get tons of free books.

    I keep getting the OLA and CLA conference notices but they are always too far away for me to go.

  2. Hi Erika,

    The books are (mostly) free at the conferences. The ones above were being given away by the various publishers at the Expo

  3. Thanks Library Gal. That's good to know! I hope one comes around soon that is closer to me. I'd love to go at some point. I was doing Library Technician studies two years ago but then had a little baby girl. I'm feeling a bit out of the loop now :)