February 13, 2011

Adorable Valentine's (ish) Picture Book

Hugless Douglas by David Melling
Published by Hodder's Publishing 2010

Summary from Goodreads:
Douglas is a big brown, huggable, lovable bear, and he wakes up one morning in need of a hug. He goes to try and find one -- but none of them seem quite right.
Join Douglas on his search for the perfect bear hug!

   Douglas wakes up from a long winter's nap and is in need of a hug. He hugs a rock but it's too heavy, he tries a tree, but he gets splinters, the other animals are afraid of him and don't want a great big bear hug. This book is adorable. David Melling has created such a lovable character in Douglas that I wished I could pick him up off the page and hug him myself.  Very sweet storyline and the children will enjoy the humour as Douglas searches for the perfect hug.Highly recommended.

   I'm a fan of David Mellings work. I first discovered his books when my son was two and his favourite story to hear at night was The Kiss that Missed. We read that book over and over until my son had it memorized.  That particular book holds special memories for me that if I ever had the chance to thank him I would. Authors & Illustrators give us such a gift.
Thank you David Melling

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