November 9, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday-Unfortunate Character Names

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week's list:

Top Ten Unfortunate Character Names from Literature

I struggled coming up with a list. I think part of the reason is that I go with whatever the author has chosen because I figure that they've given the character a particular name for a reason. However there are a few that I've cringed at:

1. Renesmee from Breaking Dawn. Hated it. Like strongly hated it. I get the naming after family thing but this one was ridiculous.

2. Sookie Stackhouse from Charlaine Harris's series. I don't get this name at all.

3. Many of people have listed Katniss on their lists but oddly it didn't bother me. I didn't care for the name Peeta though. Maybe it was a different form of Peter but I just didn't think it was a strong enough name for him.

That's it- I could only come up with three. What was on your list?


  1. I definitely kept just saying "Peter" but in a goofy British accent in my head whenever I read "Peeta"! It works!

  2. Love it! I shall do that from now on :)

  3. I had Sookie down as well. Renesmee is one of those names that sound like they belong in some science fiction novel.

  4. Mrs. Julia Dowkins = The perfect Jane Austen name!

  5. Interesting List! I didn't mind Renesmee, I think it went well with them! And Sookie - I haven't read the books to get a feel for the name and whether or not I like it. Same with Katniss, I haven't read those books either.
    Here's My Top Ten

  6. LOL I also kind of thought of it as Peter, but just a slightly softer version.

    I agree, Renesmee is a really terrible name choice.

  7. Those are all on my list! Renesmee was the worst.

  8. NOBODY likes the name of the Twilight baby. Very silly. Are you listening, Stephanie Meyer?

    Mine is here:

  9. I haven't read Sookie or Hunger yet, but I wholeheartedly agree with the Renesmee choice. She was the whole reason I even made a list this time.

  10. OMG I hated the name Renesmee. I couldn't remember her even having a huge relationship with Esmee, so I didn't know why she chose to merge that with her mother's name.

    Those are good choices. I can't really think of any others because I too, kinda of just go with the flow and accept the character's name.

    I guess, mostly names I can't pronounce clearly or fluidly in my head would be on the list. The Dragonriders series had some problems with this, but she had a glossary in the back with how to pronounce it so it wasn't too bad.